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Mata no Madh

Mata no Madh

Mata no Madh

Mata no Madh is a sanctuary committed to Maa Ashapura and is found 138 kilometers from the city of Bhuj in Gujarat. The quiet spot of the love of Maa Ashapura is very much kept up and offers a charming and tranquil environment for the travelers. The goddess is likewise alluded to as Desh Devi, which means the Goddess of the individuals. Guests can offer their petitions and investigate the excellent sanctuary complex. Mata no Madh is a decent delineation of conventional Indian design with detailed and multifaceted carvings.

Mata no Madh is an old sanctuary committed to the Kuldevi of Jadeja and is arranged toward the west of Kakkadbhit. The first 1200-year-old sanctuary was obliterated twice because of seismic tremors. The sanctuary that remains steadfast today has been worked by Sunderji Saudagar. This structure has been developed with more greatness and better measurements. The primary sanctuary hangs out on the horizon of Bhuj and makes a stunning perspective for guests. A few significant strict exercises are completed at Mata No Madh and various Hindu celebrations like Diwali, Navratri and so forth are praised with extraordinary excitement.

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Nearby places: Little Rann of Kutch and Wild Ass Sanctuary, Mandvi, Bhuj, Dholavira, Kutch Museum.

Best Time to visit: October to February.

Peak Season: October to February.

How to Reach

  • By Air: The nearest air terminal is the Kandla Airport in Kutch which is around 100 kilometers from the salt desert.
  • By Rail: The nearest railroad station is the Bhachau Railway Station in Bhachau town which is around 80 kilometers from the entrancing span of Rann of Kutch.
  • By Road: One can lease traveler taxis to arrive at the Great Rann of Kutch by means of the street from the Airport or the Railway Station. There are ordinary direct transports employing from Bhuj to Rann of Kutch that one can take.

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