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Jal Mandir

Jal Mandir

Jal Mandir

Situated in Pawapuri in the territory of Bihar, Jal Mandir is a venerated Jain sanctuary that is devoted to the 24th Tirthankara-Lord Mahavir. Otherwise called Apapuri, the beautiful white marble sanctuary denotes the incineration spot of Lord Mahavir and is a holy journey focal point of Jainism. The flawless sanctuary is built inside an immense water tank that is filled really pink lotus blossoms. Viewed as one of the best five Jain sanctuaries in the locale, the sanctuary has “Charan Paduka” or foot impression of Lord Mahavir as the focal divinity.

There is a nearby legend that flows in the town even today. It is accepted that Lord Mahavir achieved Nirvana here and he has incinerated here itself in the town. The incineration spot turned into a journey community and all the explorers who visited the site took out lumps of soil from the earth believing them to be cinders of Lord Mahavir. After some time, a tremendous pit was made which was later topped off by water and lotus blossoms. To recognize the detect, a sanctuary was later worked in the focal point of the tank.

Jal Mandir spreads over 16.8 sections of land territory and is worked in white marble. Encompassed by lotus blossoms above the water on water, the striking engineering of the sanctuary is the significant draw. It is developed looking like a ‘Vimana’ or a chariot and is revered by the impressions of Lord Mahavir. A 180 m connect on the water tank interfaces the sanctuary to the bank. There are additionally a ton of various assortments of fish in the lake that you can take care of.

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Best Time to visit: October to March.

Peak Season: October to May.

How to Reach

  • By Air: Closest air terminals are Patna, Varanasi, and Gaya.
  • By Rail: Closest railroad station is Sasaram (SSM).
  • By Road: Arranged on NH2. Street availability from Patna, Ara, New Delhi, Kolkata, Ranchi and so forth.

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